Merge Teams

Teams are given credit for different regattas they attend, as best as possible.  However, sometimes teams change names from one regatta to the next, or in a bleary-eyed night of looking through data we overlook that “Team Awesome DBC” at Chicago is the same as “Team Awesome Dragon Boat Club” at New York.  That’s what the form below is for.  Go to the ranking table, copy the name of the two teams to be merged, and paste each into a field below.  We’ll look it over and, if required, merge the teams to create a more accurate rank.

If you notice your team has a time from a regatta you didn’t attend, follow the instructions above (but paste the same team name into both submission fields) and tick the “Un-Merge” checkbox on the form.  We’ll take a second look at whether that team was merged with another and whether they should be ranked separately.

Please note:  team names and their times can only be merged if we can determine with your input they are in fact the same team.  Part of that means the two team names cannot have competed at the same regatta.  For example, if Penn Dragon Boat I and Penn Dragon Boat II both competed at Philadelphia International they can’t be merged, even if there was a crossover of athletes at some other regatta.