Midwest Region

2014 Rankings

2015 ADBA (Midwest Region) rankings for 500 meter races. All times are adjusted, see the methodology for more information. Weights are in parenthesis after the venue name.

If you notice your team listed twice under different names (or spelled wrong, or with an extra regatta you didn’t participate at), click here


The United States Dragon Boat Federation defines a mixed boat as having a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 female paddlers (cox and drummer not included)

RankTeamWeighted Ranking TimeChicago International (1.29)
1Windy City Dragons (PO)02:05.602:05.6
2TOBA Bouys02:07.302:07.3
3Windy City Dragons02:10.102:10.1
4Paddling for MB02:11.302:11.3
6Southern Heat Open (SC)02:13.202:13.2
7Wikiwiki Ohana02:13.802:13.8
8TOBA Premier02:14.302:14.3
10TOBA (SA)02:15.302:15.3
11ERDBA (Premier) Boston 1 Dragon Boat Team02:16.202:16.2
12Southern Heat Mixed (SC)02:16.302:16.3
13DUC Delite02:16.902:16.9
14DHVT Fifty Force (SB)02:17.402:17.4
15Philadelphia Flying Phoenix Premier Women02:17.902:17.9
16Schuylkill Dragons Purple02:19.202:19.2
17DHVT Green Mountain Men (SA)02:20.302:20.3
18Ship Storm02:22.202:22.2
19Laurier Dragon Hawks02:22.902:22.9
21Windy City Lady Dragons02:23.402:23.4
22Anahata Dragon Boat Team02:24.202:24.2
23Blazing Dragons Fusion Senior A Women (SA)02:25.102:25.1
24Dueling Dragons 202:25.302:25.3
25DHVT Green Mountain Girls (SB)02:25.402:25.4
26Paddles & Pearls02:26.202:26.2
27Flying Ears02:26.202:26.2
28Pink Steel02:26.202:26.2
29Windy City Black Dragons02:26.902:26.9
30DHVT Fire (SA)02:28.502:28.5
31Philadelphia Flying Phoenix Senior B Women (SB)02:29.502:29.5
32Dragonheart Vermont Sisters02:30.802:30.8
34Save Our Sisters02:34.802:34.8
35Dueling Dragons 102:36.502:36.5
36High Speed Drillers02:37.502:37.5
37Chicago Earth Dragons02:38.102:38.1
39Indy SurviveOars Legends02:40.602:40.6
40Fit2 Perform Sport Illinois02:42.402:42.4
41Sync or Swim02:43.502:43.5
42Pink Dragon Ladies02:43.602:43.6
43Indy SurviveOars Stars02:44.302:44.3
45Pink Paddling Power02:44.902:44.9
46Holy City Silver Dragons (SB)02:45.302:45.3
47United Sky Dragons GS02:45.502:45.5
49Ascene Chicago02:46.302:46.3
50Team PepsiCo 102:47.402:47.4
51Your Makeup Looks Terrible02:47.802:47.8
52Adaptive Adventures Wisconsin Warriors02:48.902:48.9
53Adaptive Adventures Chicago Wounded Veterans02:49.302:49.3
54United Sky Dragons 1K02:49.702:49.7
55The ExtraOARdinaries02:50.802:50.8
56Walgreens Pharmaseas02:52.002:52.0
57Johnson & Johnson02:52.102:52.1
58Hope Afloat USA02:53.402:53.4
59Team PepsiCo 202:54.202:54.2
60Adaptive Adventures Denver Warrior Dragons02:55.602:55.6
61Rivers Casino03:01.903:01.9
62Adaptive Adventures Chicago Warriors03:03.703:03.7

Data and information used for these dragon boat rankings are collected from the USDBF, ERDBA, PDBA, SRDBA, and ADBA websites, plus regatta websites from around the United States