Eastern Region

2015 Rankings

2016 ERDBA (New England) rankings for 500 meter races. Times below are not adjusted, see the methodology for more information. Weights are in parenthesis after the venue name.

If you notice your team listed twice under different names (or spelled wrong, or with an extra regatta you didn’t participate at), click here


The United States Dragon Boat Federation defines a mixed boat as having a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 female paddlers (cox and drummer not included)

RankTeamBaltimore (0.59)Boston (0.94)Bucks County (0.3)Capital DB (0.38)Hartford (1.21)Independence Regatta (1.01)Mercer (1)NYC (0.47)Philly International (0.99)Richmond (0.55)Washington DC (0.24)
1Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club02:17.302:07.702:19.502:03.702:16.002:02.3
2Catch22 NYC02:10.602:02.302:12.5
3DC Dragons02:20.502:19.502:14.002:04.702:21.302:55.0
4Boston 1 Premier Mixed02:34.802:07.002:17.5
5DCH Premier Mixed 102:14.001:59.702:13.0
6CYPN Storm02:24.702:04.702:49.5
7Relentless Mixed02:07.302:18.002:05.0
8Living Root Blue02:25.502:06.7
9United Dragons02:12.402:01.0
10Baltimore Dragon Boat Club - Racing Wind02:08.702:08.302:21.3
11PDBA A-Team02:13.702:17.002:11.5
12Ocean State Dragon Boat Club02:31.602:13.702:21.5
13Bucks County DBA02:20.002:07.002:17.502:51.2
14New York Wall Street Dragons02:20.702:16.702:08.302:19.0
15Philadelphia Chinatown Dragon Boat Team02:07.002:10.0
16DC Dragon Boat Club02:15.002:20.502:15.002:47.0
17Trapology Boston02:49.202:11.0
18DBCB Toro02:43.602:19.7
19BDBC - Paddling Fire02:28.002:16.302:17.302:28.702:59.5
20IDB Seadogs02:10.702:19.002:47.5
21Dead Presidents02:07.002:02.7
22ONE Racing02:06.3
23Ithaca Gorges Dragons02:20.702:15.002:26.0
24Metro Athletic Dragons02:35.402:47.5
25NY Wall Street Dragons Cultural Foundation, Inc.02:04.702:48.5
26DCH Premier Mixed 202:21.002:07.702:20.0
27Ohana New England02:22.3
28Turnpike Motors Autobody02:12.4
29Thunder Rowed02:08.0
30Fairmount Park Commodores02:12.702:29.002:14.0
31Paddlin' for MB02:12.5
32Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club II02:09.3
33Philadelphia Police Dragon Boat Team02:05.0
34PDBA Senior Mixed02:13.5
35Charlotte Fury02:18.702:26.0
36Austin Coolers02:36.2
37Brooklyn Tech Ohana02:07.0
38Living Root Red02:48.602:32.3
39UTAS Blazing Paddles02:21.4
40Blew Bayou02:17.7
41UEAA David J. Louie Inc.02:16.502:50.0
42Hana Ohana02:39.6
44The Hartford StagOn!02:22.6
45First Families02:19.7
46CYPN Cyclone02:41.3
47Organized Chaos02:17.0
48MSK Dragons02:34.002:20.702:28.002:30.3
49Harvard Engine02:41.202:51.5
50Dragon Fire (2016)02:23.7
51MDC Water Dragons02:23.7
52PDBA Mixed Yutes02:18.702:13.002:22.5
53DCH Auto Group 102:42.0
54Tempest Mixed02:19.502:48.5
55Toro Inferno02:17.5
56Henkel Crouching Tigers02:24.4
57Pratt & Whitney Flying Dragon02:24.4
58Sugar Dragons02:24.0
59Electric Dragons NYC02:26.702:25.0
60MSK Dragons 202:13.702:33.702:44.0
61HSBC United02:47.0
62Big Earls Dragons02:24.3
63Oarsome Challengers02:24.3
64CYPN Lightning02:47.5
65Capital City Dragons02:45.002:13.002:39.703:10.4
66Big Tippers02:24.7
67Milone & MacBroom Warriors02:26.7
68Shui Long02:25.3
69UMUC Virtual Dragons03:00.002:18.302:22.0
70DC Dragon's Performance02:05.7
71Big Apple Dragons02:49.0
72A Love For Life I02:26.0
73UTAS Bridge Dodgers02:29.6
74Penn NeuROWsciences I02:26.3
75River Runners02:27.002:12.702:26.5
76DCH Youth Mash Up02:15.0
78A Love For Life IV02:26.7
80Raleigh Relentless02:32.7
81Northeastern CSA02:49.8
82Goldman Sachs Tritons02:47.002:53.0
83Gaudenzia Gladiators02:27.7
85Delaware Valley Friends School Distracted Dragons02:28.0
86Peking U Alumni - WEIMING02:51.0
87Glastonbury-East Hartford Magnet School02:32.3
88Grainger Philadelphia Dragons02:28.3
89PDBA B-Team02:23.502:20.5
90Brooklyn Tech Dragons02:17.0
91HPHC Dragonauts02:53.0
93The Vibe02:28.7
94P&W PurePower02:33.4
95Eye of the Tiger02:38.0
96Johns Hopkins DBC02:30.303:05.2
97Full FORCE02:29.3
98DCH Auto Group 202:50.0
99DLL Financial Solutions Partner02:29.7
100DCH Youth 102:21.3
101BU CPE Professionals02:56.0
102Khmer Naga02:23.3
103Brooklyn Tech Knights02:20.0
104Team Awaken The Dragon02:30.0
105East Rising03:04.7
106Network Norwegian Ridgebacks02:36.3
107New York City Empire Dragons02:36.3
109Motley Krewe02:20.7
110Women in Canoe02:36.6
111Verizing Dragons02:59.8
112Piranhas I03:07.6
113Paradise City Dragons02:37.0
114Diane's Crew02:32.3
115NPE - The Boat to Be!02:32.3
116Sharon Lakers03:01.0
117Team Dragon Breath02:32.7
118DCH Youth 202:26.0
120Hua Fu Youth DBC03:11.2
121Sugarhouse Sugar Dragons02:23.0
123Boston Kwong Kow03:02.2
124DCH Competitive Dev02:52.0
126Team Kaya02:52.0
127Out Of The Blue02:33.3
128REO Speed Dragon02:33.3
129Aetna Renee'gade Rowers02:38.6
131EwingCole Paddletects02:23.7
132Ascend / All Ivy League03:12.7
134DCH Next Generation02:27.002:51.5
135Lesley Lynx Dragon Boat Team03:03.0
136Rockfit Rowers02:39.0
137New Jersey Team Dragons02:27.0
138FYP-DC: Lapu Lapu Warriors02:38.0
139Volksdragon - Fast02:38.0
142U of Sci and Tech of China _ Alumni03:03.2
143Bankers Aweigh Team 102:49.3
144Stroke it02:24.3
145FYP - DC Rizal Revolutionaries03:15.5
147NSM Dragons02:24.7
148Northeastern CSSA03:03.2
149Peking U Alumni - BOYA03:03.2
150Brandywine ExtraOARdinary Paddlers02:34.7
151Princeton Pirates02:34.7
152The Flying Protons02:34.7
153Flying Floyd's02:41.0
154Boston DSR02:54.0
155PDBA Youth Team02:29.0
156iDB H2OMG02:28.3
157Pittsburgh Paddlefish02:26.702:23.002:39.5
158TAP-NY Dragonboat Team02:49.002:35.002:18.0
159Deloitte Dragons03:03.4
160Wash DC Taiwanese School03:17.8
161Make America Fast Again02:51.0
162Citizens Dragon03:03.6
163A Love For Life III02:35.3
164Hydra Warriors I02:35.3
165DCH Next Generation 302:54.5
166U.S.S. Minnow02:51.3
167DCH Youth 302:29.7
168Chinese Language School of Greater Hartford02:41.3
169The Hartford HIMCO Wake Zone02:41.3
170Green Dragons03:20.0
171ChemTreat Yacht Club02:51.7
172Boston Scientific Firebreathers03:03.7
173MIT CSSA03:03.7
175Friends of Linda Creed02:35.7
176Katie's Krew02:35.7
177BDBC Burning Water02:24.7
178Army Strong 102:27.0
179Dragon Boat Crew Dynamic Paddlers02:27.0
180Wells Fargo02:27.0
181Anytime Fitness - Too Fit to Quit02:41.7
182The Hartford Short Term Dragons02:41.7
183Sportable Stir Crazy02:52.5
184South Cove Stat Dragons03:04.0
185M&T Bank02:30.7
186PennNeuROWsciences II02:36.3
187St. Katharine of Siena Wave Runners02:36.3
188Rock the Boat02:30.3
189Team NK02:27.7
190M&T Green Machine02:36.7
191Nankai U & Tianjin U _ Alumni United03:04.8
192ECS Youth Dragon Warriors03:23.2
193Fire Breathers02:42.0
194The Jackson Lab02:42.0
195Suicune Chase02:30.5
196Charlestown High03:05.2
198Aetna Release the Kraken02:42.3
199Guardian Nurses Lifesavers II02:37.3
200DC Dragon Boat Club - Da Mixed Nuts02:33.7
201Narberth Ambulance02:29.0
202Altria IS02:54.0
203Virtua Voltage02:37.7
204ECS Adult Dragon Warriors03:25.7
205Boston 1 Sport Mixed03:06.2
206Steamin' Dragons02:43.6
207TUH Cherry Bombs02:29.3
208Dynamic Paddlers02:32.0
209The Rusty Rowers02:38.0
210Voya Vikings02:38.0
211Filthy Oars02:29.7
212The Hartford Dragon Hart02:44.7
213TBFKWDPG - Magnum03:07.2
214TF Dragon03:27.0
215Altria CRT02:54.7
216CBS 602:54.7
217Main Line Motley Crew02:38.3
218Motley Krew Too02:30.3
219Altria Nu Mark02:56.0
220Aetna Night Fury02:45.0
221Cyient but Deadly02:45.0
222CYPN Tempest03:08.2
223Booz Allen BetaFish02:48.0
225Power Paddlers02:38.7
226Saint Joseph's University Alumni Hawks02:38.7
227TMNAS Saburai02:38.7
228Philadelphia Millwrights02:31.0
229The Lobbyists03:30.9
230Tsinghua U Alumni03:09.0
231Sikorsky Sea Dragon02:45.6
232Slalom Consulting02:45.6
233Red & Blue Navy02:39.0
234Mekong is for Beer Lovers02:57.3
235State Street Golden Dragons03:09.8
236Dangerous Critters02:31.3
237Lincoln Financial Group02:46.3
238Yin Yang Tai Chi Academy02:46.7
239SummitMedia Mariners02:59.0
240Bank of America02:40.0
241The Unconditional Love Boat02:40.0
242Volksdragon - Furious02:49.0
243Pottstown Dragon Warriors02:37.302:40.002:23.002:31.7
244OCA-CVC Feilong03:00.3
245New York City Empire Dragons 202:48.0
246DCH Next Generation 202:33.502:54.0
247Voya Roaring Dragons02:49.3
248Comcast VETNET Team Freedom02:33.7
249Roger Mokan's Mighty Veterans02:33.7
250Gift Of Life Lifesavers02:40.3
251NotOARious M.I.P.02:40.3
252SRS - Rising Stars02:40.3
253Eastern Bank Fondue03:11.3
254Fudan U Alumni03:11.3
255Living Root Spring Fling03:11.3
256Legg Mason02:41.7
257Steel City Dragons Mixed Team02:37.0
258Virginia Credit Union03:02.0
259HAI Group02:49.7
260Fit This Way02:40.7
261EY A Crewed Interest03:11.8
263Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center03:12.3
264The Hartford Dragon's DELIVER02:50.0
265The Hartford Strategic Sorcerers02:50.0
266West DragonPhyre02:41.3
267Temple Emergency Medicine02:36.7
268Chinese Culture Center02:50.3
270Think Brownstone02:41.7
271Bankers Aweigh Team #203:06.7
272PMUSA Team 103:06.7
273West Water Warriors02:38.3
274The Hartford PL IT02:51.0
275The Hartford Tech Pirates02:51.0
276Boston Professionals Networking03:17.0
277Anton Paar03:08.7
279Vikings of Leisure02:42.3
280City of Philadelphia- Philly Phorce02:40.0
281Thoracic Dragons02:43.0
282Team NESA03:18.0
283Comcast VETNET HQ02:40.3
284BOA Blazers03:18.2
285Friends of Linda Creed II02:43.3
286Reel Nauti02:43.3
287Aetna CRUMmodores02:52.4
288Aetna Reel Time Water Works02:52.4
289Trinity College02:52.4
290Wellness Warriors Boston02:52.4
291NBC12 Peacocks03:16.0
292Power Over Cancer02:46.3
293Aetna Race Judicata02:53.3
294Jiao Tong Alumni03:22.2
295440 Let it Run 201602:42.7
296SJU Hawks02:42.7
297Ready O.R.Not Racers03:22.3
298United Sky Dragons02:47.702:52.7
299Goodwin College Navigators02:54.7
300Heights On Deck02:46.3
301Jilin U & Zhejiang U - Synergy03:23.5
302Aetna Unified Elements02:55.0
304PMUSA Team 203:26.0
305Harvard CSSA03:25.8
306Aetna Motley Cure02:57.0
307AQUA DRAGONS02:44.0
308City of Philadelphia- Philly Phorce 302:44.0
309Healthy Dragons 102:44.0
311NBC Universal Erg Mixed02:45.0
312A Love For Life II02:49.3
313ESPN ABLE02:57.5
314Cambridge A-ha Dragons03:26.0
315Wellington Mgmt Four Seas I03:26.0
317NF Family Association02:45.3
318The Hartford Data TorpEDOs02:58.3
319Emerson College Lions03:26.5
320Foley Fire02:59.0
321J&J Boston Ducklings03:27.5
322City of Philadelphia Philly Phorce 202:46.3
323PFCU Mighty Moolas02:51.7
324Hartford Police Explorers Post 4502:59.4
325Wellington Mgmt Four Seas II03:28.5
326Out of Sight Dragons03:13.303:52.8
327Beacon Health03:00.3
328A Love For Life V02:54.0
329Plumbers Union 69002:48.7
330Hartford Foundation River Givers03:00.7
331Rowdy River Rangers02:50.3
332Nanjing U & China Pharma U _ Alumni03:30.5
333Southeast U Alumni - Wind03:30.5
334Warrior Redemption02:34.702:46.7
335Dynamic Dragons03:01.4
336Walgreens Team Beauty03:08.3
337Aetna Pirates of the Atrium03:01.7
338Turning Points for Children02:56.0
339Sun Life Financial AAHA03:37.5
340Ain't No Fishin' Boat03:01.0
341Walgreens Team Pharmacy03:09.7
342The Hartford Staggering Dragon03:06.6
343Graham’s Quackers03:01.3
344Army Strong 202:59.0
346Comcast Dragons03:00.7
347Henkel Hidden Dragons03:08.4
348Healthy Dragons 203:08.0
349Cognizant Dragons03:10.7
350Aetna On Fire03:12.0
351Aurora Hear Me Roar03:12.7
352CCSU Confucius Institute Dragon03:14.7
353Hartford HealthCare Fitness Center03:30.0
354Hartford HealthCare Health Center07:07.0
355Walgreens Team Happy02:54.003:24.3
356Walgreens Team Healthy03:41.503:00.7

Data and information used for these dragon boat rankings are collected from the USDBF, ERDBA, PDBA, SRDBA, and ADBA websites, plus regatta websites from around the United States