Pacific Region

2015 Rankings

2016 PDBA (West Coast) rankings for 500 meter races. Times below are not adjusted, see the methodology for more information. Weights are in parenthesis after the venue name.
If you notice your team listed twice under different names (or spelled wrong, or with an extra regatta you didn’t participate at), click here


The United States Dragon Boat Federation defines a mixed boat as having a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 female paddlers (cox and drummer not included)

RankTeamCDBA Regional Regatta (0.61)College Cup (0.19)Kent (0.35)Long Beach (2.91)Long Beach Spring (0.36)Portland (0.67)San Diego (0.53)San Francisco (1.37)Seattle (0.34)
2Ripple Effect Fast02:12.302:07.702:07.5
3Project Floaters02:14.002:09.002:08.7
4Team DPW02:10.702:12.2
5Space Dragons Red02:08.702:23.002:16.0
6Galileo Celestial Dragons 102:10.702:12.7
7UC San Diego Blue (college)02:08.502:37.5
8Killer Guppies02:12.002:28.002:14.0
9UCI Elements02:15.302:09.0
10Cal Dragonboat 102:08.302:17.0
11Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association 102:02.3
12Ripple Effect Furious02:27.002:18.302:11.7
13Florida Tarpons02:06.0
14Florida Tarpons - Masters02:07.5
15Lishui U and Nankai U, Binhai02:08.0
16X-Generals - Fantastic 2002:17.002:23.302:49.002:15.8
17UCI Elements - College02:16.002:13.0
18San Jose Dragon Boat02:25.002:19.302:13.2
19Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association 1 - Grand Masters02:09.0
20San Diego Masters - Masters02:09.5
21AeroDragons Delta02:09.702:31.7
22Cal Dragon Boat - College02:19.702:10.0
23Dynasty Dragon Boat Team - College02:10.0
24Nankai U and Lishui U, Binhai - College02:10.0
25San Diego Masters - Grand Masters02:10.0
26UCLA - College02:10.5
27SF Blazing Dragons02:19.302:20.302:12.2
28UC San Diego02:10.7
30Los Angeles Racing Dragons Black02:11.3
31DPW - Dam Geezers (masters)02:14.502:44.0
32Tianjin Normal University02:12.0
33Tianjin Normal University - College02:12.0
34Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association 202:12.3
35SF Blazing Dragons - College02:19.002:15.0
36Dynasty Dragon Boat Team02:13.0
37Galileo Celestial Dragons 1 - High School02:13.0
38Kahakai Outrigger02:13.0
39Dragon Warriors Black02:13.702:08.802:12.3
40Aero Dragons Thor (masters)02:14.502:53.0
41TEAM DPW 202:16.002:20.3
42JAWS Black - High School02:14.0
43Long Beach Grand Masters - Grand Masters02:14.0
44Long Beach Masters A - Masters02:14.5
45A.A.S Dragons (American Ace Supply) - Corporate02:15.5
46LA Thunder Dragons02:16.702:29.5
47CYC One Breath02:21.302:16.7
48SF Dragon Healers02:29.002:17.3
49San Francisco Dragon Healers 1 - Corporate02:16.3
50JAWS Black02:18.002:26.0
51Arizona Gila Dragons - Red02:17.0
52Dragon Warriors Red02:21.702:09.602:22.7
53CYC White - High School02:18.0
54AeroDragons Atlas02:20.702:17.0
55Cal Dragon Boat02:06.4
56Team DPW CAPE - Corporate02:18.3
57Windy City Dragons02:06.9
58Dieselfish Youth02:22.702:18.5
59Windy City Dragons - Masters02:08.3
61USC Dragon Boat (college)02:19.503:01.5
62San Jose Dragon Boat - College02:27.002:14.0
63Washington Eagles - High School02:20.0
64Lincoln High Gold - HS02:09.0
65Ripple Effect Fearless02:23.702:19.3
66R.P.C - Grey02:20.3
67CYC White02:27.302:14.0
68DragonMax 1 - Grand Masters02:20.5
69CSULB (college)02:21.002:57.0
70Bridge City Blitz Blue02:12.002:12.5
71KPD eLEMONators - Corporate02:20.7
72BAD Squirtle Squad02:10.6
73Lowell Cardinal Crewzers - HS02:10.7
74SOL Dragons02:13.302:13.2
75Space Dragons Blue02:23.002:56.502:25.2
76Galileo Celestial Dragons 202:21.3
77UCLA - Blue02:10.302:15.702:38.5
78Lowell Red Tide - HS02:11.7
79Seattle Flying Fire Dragons02:15.002:17.302:15.3
80Los Angeles Racing Dragons Red02:21.7
81Washington Eagles02:21.7
82UCI Elements Thunder02:11.002:14.302:40.5
83Arizona Dragon Riders02:22.702:59.5
84Zamboanga Paddling Club02:14.502:14.7
85Lincoln High Red - HS02:12.3
86Mountain Home Canoe Club02:08.3
87DPW 102:18.002:36.5
88KP Dragons02:25.702:27.302:25.7
89KP Dragons Broccoli02:12.8
90DragonMax 102:19.702:37.002:13.2
91Wasabi Fury02:22.002:13.502:19.7
92DragonMax - Masters02:23.0
93Mission Battleship - HS02:13.0
94UC San Diego Blue02:23.302:15.702:38.5
95KP Dragons - Corporate02:23.3
96KPD eLEMONators - High School02:23.3
97*Asterisk Blue02:24.002:38.5
98KPD eLEMONators1 - HS02:13.5
100Galileo Celestial Dragons 2 - High School02:24.0
101UCLA - Blue (college)02:37.0
102DragonMax 1 - Masters02:14.0
103UBC Thunder02:07.3
104Lightwave/Team DPW - Masters02:14.3
105DCH Dragon Boat Club02:15.3
106Long Beach Finest02:25.0
107Space Dragons - Masters02:25.0
108X-Generals Teen Titans - Masters02:25.0
109BAD Ancient Aerodactyls - Masters02:14.5
110Philippine Dragonboat Alliance02:14.6
111SF Dragon Healers Gold02:14.8
113Phoenix Fire Dragons (Mayo Clinic)02:25.3
114Phoenix Fire Dragons (Mayo Clinic) - Corporate02:25.3
116Lincoln High Black - HS02:15.0
117Arizona Gila Dragons - Grand Masters02:25.5
118CYC One Breath - High School02:25.5
119Lowell Big Red C - HS02:15.3
120X - Generals / Jaws02:15.6
121Aero Dragons02:40.5
122UCI Elements Thunder (college)02:40.5
123*Asterisk Blue - High School02:26.5
124JAWS Red - High School02:26.5
125Mountain View-Black - HS02:15.8
126Destiny Dragons TDBA02:21.302:19.3
127Team Dragon Eyes02:26.7
128Davis Racing Dragons02:31.302:18.8
129Bay Area Dragons Lightning02:18.7
131DUC Delite02:18.8
132Bear Force One02:10.3
133UC San Diego White02:11.002:20.302:52.0
134Starbucks Waverunners02:13.7
135UCLA - Gold02:20.302:20.502:49.0
136SF Dragon Warriors02:43.5
137Boston Scientific - Race Against Pain - Corporate02:27.0
138JAWS White - High School02:27.0
139KP Dragonfit - Corporate02:27.0
140Long Beach Masters B - Masters02:27.0
141LARD Black02:20.0
143The Boat she tells you not to worry about02:11.7
144BAD Bulbasaur Battalion02:17.0
145GWHS Scarlet Beasts - HS02:17.0
146Lowellitas - HS02:17.0
147Oyster Point Efishent02:17.0
148Arizona Gila Dragons - Black02:27.3
149BLINDSTART Dragon Boat Team02:27.002:40.003:19.5
150CYC Blue - HS02:17.7
151Dieselfish Youth - High School02:27.5
152Zamboanga Aquarockets02:20.8
153Lady Mustangs - HS02:18.0
154Killer Guppies 202:28.0
155Bridge City Blitz Gold02:23.302:22.2
156Winged Dragons of Ra'pple Effect02:13.3
157Wasabi Kraken02:20.002:25.5
158X-Generals - The Avengers02:29.002:34.0
159UC San Diego White (college)02:46.0
160Seattle Flying Dragons02:20.0
161Starbucks SAKE Emeralds02:19.702:22.202:36.7
162AeroDragons Falcon02:28.3
163AeroDragons Pico-Sats - High School02:28.3
164KP Dragonfit 202:28.3
165UCI Elements Fire02:47.0
166UC Irvine Elements - Fire02:23.0
167KPD Young Prunes - Masters02:19.0
168Davis Racing Dragons - College02:33.002:24.0
169Destiny Dragons02:21.0
170Boaty McBoatface02:19.2
171Dragon Warriors White02:19.2
172Tsunami USA02:23.5
173JAWS White02:29.3
174X-Generals X-Men02:29.3
175Dragin Tails02:22.202:28.502:22.7
176Lincoln High White - HS02:19.3
177Rouge Paddling Club 102:26.502:21.8
178JAWS Red02:29.302:45.5
179Concord Pacific Flying Dragons02:23.7
180SF Dragon Healers Red02:19.4
181Cal Dragonboat 202:24.5
182Water Ninjas (Northrop Grumman) - Corporate02:30.3
183San Diego Dragon Boat Team Red02:30.3
184SF Dragon Healers - Masters02:20.0
185USC Dragon Boat02:24.002:54.0
186San Francisco Dragon Healers 202:30.7
187DragonMax 202:47.302:40.002:15.8
188ASU Dust Devils (college)02:50.0
189Highland Dragons02:25.0
190Splashing Flyers02:31.302:38.3
191Sake Emerald02:23.0
192Riverside Surging Dragons - College02:31.0
193Splashing Flyers - Corporate02:31.0
194Team Panda02:31.0
195Infinity Dragons02:46.702:17.8
196UCI Elements Fire (college)02:50.5
197UBC Lightning02:21.0
198Lowell Fai-D - HS02:21.5
199Catch 2202:23.3
200UCLA - Gold (college)02:51.0
201Team Taiwan02:31.3
202KG - *Asterisk02:27.0
203UCI Elements Wind02:19.3
204Sync or Swim02:25.7
205Arizona Gila Dragons - Masters02:31.5
206The Fire Breathing Blowfish02:27.702:27.7
207SFSU Blazing Dragons02:27.7
208LA Harbor Dragons "A"02:32.0
209Tianjin Normal University Dragon Boat Team - College02:32.0
210Starbucks SAKE Onyx02:20.702:40.002:19.0
211Arizona Gila Dragons02:52.5
212Team Panda - Corporate02:32.8
213$C Horse Force02:20.3
214Long Beach Masters Sydney (masters)02:53.0
215H1 Racers (Raytheon) - Corporate02:33.3
216Tacoma Destiny Dragons02:23.7
217KP Dragons Blueberries02:24.0
218Oyster Point - Masters02:24.0
219Wallenberg Autoboats - HS02:24.0
220Oyster Point Dragons 102:37.702:35.7
221KPD eLEMONators2 - HS02:24.7
222San Francisco Dragon Healers 2 - Corporate02:33.7
223So. COW02:33.7
224Space Dragons White02:33.7
226Long Beach Masters Melbourne (masters)02:55.5
229Electric Dragons - Corporate02:34.3
230Oyster Point Dragons 202:42.302:35.0
231DPW Kids 2 - Junior High02:34.5
232CCSF Dragonboat Team02:30.002:25.7
233R.P.C - Orange02:34.7
234BAD Charmander Crew02:25.6
235Team Lao San Diego (masters)02:56.0
236LARD Red02:31.7
237Riverside Surging Dragons02:24.702:30.303:01.5
238Sunrise Dragon Boat 102:26.0
239Team Fusion02:28.702:28.802:38.7
240KP Thriving Dragons02:30.5
241Wasabi VIP02:29.3
242CYC Orange - HS02:26.5
243Electric Dragons02:35.702:45.5
244Rowing Stones - Corporate02:35.7
245Arizona Dragon Flyers02:33.0
246Stumptown Blews02:31.0
247Lowell Cardinelles - HS02:27.0
248Alameda DragonFlyers02:38.002:41.702:27.8
249Desert Dragons02:36.0
250H1 Racers (Raytheon)02:36.0
251Mission Destroyers - HS02:27.7
253KP DragonFit02:38.302:39.0
254University of Western States Hot Wasabi02:32.0
255CCSF Dragonboat Team - College02:28.0
257BalNited Dragon Boat Club - HS02:28.3
258DRD LEGENDAIRY02:34.302:33.7
259Lishui U and Nankai U, Binhai - College02:38.0
260DragonMax 302:28.5
261Rough Riders02:41.302:29.0
262Peace Dragon Warriors02:31.302:35.7
263Da Tribe02:38.3
264Oyster Point Tiger Sharks - Junior High02:38.5
265Mountain View-Gold - HS02:29.0
266CCLS (Confucious Chinese Language School) - High School02:39.3
267Golden Dragons02:33.0
268Q Dragon - Corporate02:39.7
269Oyster Point Blowfish02:29.5
270Santa Cruz Dragon Boat02:37.002:35.0
271CYC Two Breath - HS02:30.3
273APCA Dragons - Corporate02:40.0
274LA Jin Yin02:40.0
275San Diego Dragon Boat Team Red - Masters02:40.0
276St. Ignatius Wildcats - HS02:30.3
277SFD Blazing Paddles02:39.302:37.202:34.0
278Pan and Paddle - Junior High02:40.5
279GWHS Grey Gliders - HS02:30.8
280Renegades 102:41.702:32.5
281Central Coast Survive Oars02:40.7
282LA Harbor Dragons "B"02:40.7
284Dragon Fuel02:51.302:32.3
285Rouge Paddling Club 202:39.5
286Kaizen Dragons - Corporate02:41.5
287NAC Dragon Boat Team - Grand Masters02:42.0
288DragonMax 2 - Grand Masters02:51.002:27.0
289Deaf Dawn02:42.3
290Bay Area Dragons Thunder02:40.3
291Grainger Portland Dragons02:38.5
292Pan and Paddle - High School02:42.5
293NAC Dragon Boat Team (masters)02:43.003:14.5
294TAP-Chicago Typhoon Dieselfish02:33.7
295Blazing Paddles - Fierce - Masters02:43.0
296School House Rockers02:43.0
297Sunrise Dragon Boat 202:36.3
298TAP-Chicago Tornado Dieselfish02:35.4
299NAC Dragon Boat Team02:44.303:17.5
300DragonMax 402:35.6
301Stanford Dragon Boat (college)02:37.703:11.0
302APCA Dragons02:44.0
303Harbor Dragons02:45.0
304Team Survivor Sea Dragons (masters)03:12.0
305*Asterisk Silver - High School02:45.0
306SF State University Blazing Dragon - College02:45.0
307Walnut Infinity - High School02:46.3
308Live Love Survive02:39.0
309Pan and Paddle02:46.5
310Rough Riders - High School02:47.5
311Blazing SJDB02:40.0
312Hope for Life - Corporate02:50.7
313Wasabi Special Dragons02:47.8
314ADF - Masters02:42.0
315Renegades 202:48.5
316Stroke4Stroke - Corporate02:51.5
317CCLS (Confucious Chinese Language School) - Junior High02:54.5
318KP Dragons Fit SoCal02:48.3
319Blazing Paddles - Fresh02:54.7
320SurviveOARS (masters)03:19.5
321CACP (Chinese American Construction Professionals)02:57.0
322Los Angeles Pink Dragons02:55.0
323Fireballs - Junior High03:01.0
324LA Harbor Pirates - High School03:02.5
325Blind Ambition02:59.8
326DPW Kids 1 - Junior High03:11.5
327Philippine Dragonboat Alliance - Masters03:39.5
328LA Harbor Pirates"JR" - Junior High03:21.5
329Renegades - Masters05:00.0
Data and information used for these dragon boat rankings are collected from the USDBF, ERDBA, PDBA, SRDBA, and ADBA websites, plus regatta websites from around the United States