Southeastern Region

2015 Rankings

2016 SRDBA (Southeast United States) rankings for 500 meter races. Times below are not adjusted, see the methodology for more information. Weights are in parenthesis after the venue name.
If you notice your team listed twice under different names (or spelled wrong, or with an extra regatta you didn’t participate at), click here


The United States Dragon Boat Federation defines a mixed boat as having a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 female paddlers (cox and drummer not included)

RankTeamNew Orleans (1.12)Orlando (2.44)Space Coast (0.78)
1JAX Fire Dragons02:09.001:53.5
2TBDBC - Tampa Blade Runners Red02:07.3
3Blue Dragons Paddling Club02:01.702:17.3
4GiGi's Playhouse Fire02:09.0
5Puff Black02:09.3
6Paddling for MB02:09.7
7Southern Heat02:16.301:51.0
8Organized Chaos02:10.0
10Puff Red02:13.7
11TBDBC - Tampa Blade Runners Black02:14.3
12Relentless Mixed Team02:15.7
13SACA Golden Dragons02:16.3
14Dragonborn Tainos02:02.3
15Forged Steele CrossFit02:02.3
16Bogalusa Lions Venturer Scout Dragons02:07.3
17Wun Fun Cru02:17.3
18Charlotte Harbor Paddlers01:49.0
19Blazing Paddles02:30.002:18.0
24Ship Storm02:20.0
25Cajun Invasion02:16.0
26Pull Hard or Go Home02:16.3
27Crossfit No Surrender02:17.0
29Eh Team02:21.3
30GiGi's Playhouse Ice02:21.3
31Dragon Beasts Mixed02:21.7
32GWN Walgreens Marlins01:59.0
33Ryerson Rams02:23.0
34Spirit Warriors02:25.3
35Capital Dragons02:26.3
36CrossFit Francos02:26.0
37The Assessinators02:26.0
38Nature Coast Dragon Boat Club02:04.0
39CNL Crewzers02:27.0
40Dirty Oars02:26.3
41This Boat Rocks02:05.0
42Bogalusa Lions Venturer Scout Dragons Chasers02:26.7
43LaPorte Dragon Slayers02:28.0
44Mastech Thunder Dragons02:29.7
45The Big OARdeals02:28.3
46Dueling Dragons 202:30.302:07.5
47Dueling Dragons 102:31.002:07.0
48Regions Bank02:29.7
49Charlotte Harbor Dragons02:09.0
50Heart and Soul Paddlers Gone Wild02:30.302:11.0
51River Raiders02:32.7
52United Sky Dragons02:31.0
53Chinese Dragons02:34.0
54Walgreens Team Healthy02:34.3
55Franco's Lose Dat02:34.3
56Appleton Creative02:35.0
57Shoo Passe'!02:35.3
58Sylvia’s Dream02:35.3
59Jackson Dragons02:38.0
60Xcellent Hardcore Rowers02:35.7
61Rowed Warriors02:39.0
62Walgreens Team Happy02:37.0
6330 by Ninety02:40.0
64The Final Frontier02:40.3
65REACH of Central Florida02:37.7
66Florida Tech02:22.0
67BNY Mellon Pershing02:39.0
68Flying Green Monkeys02:42.7
69Two Bit Oars02:43.0
70Mad Dragon Tea Party02:43.7
71Supply Chain Warriors02:43.7
72Team Cha-Funk-Ta02:44.3
73MBPCC at STPH02:47.7
74Brevard Olympians02:35.0
75Mission Madisonville02:48.3
76Walgreens 2.002:39.0
779 Family Connection02:45.0
78Blue DragonGators02:45.0
80Gulf Coast Cruisers02:51.0
81BB&T Dragon Slayers02:45.7
83Shaolin Warriors02:52.3
84Sam's Club02:53.0
85BNY Mellon Pershing 202:46.3
86Walgreens Wolverines02:47.3
87Dragon Slayer05:56.0
88Health Central Fury02:48.3
89Blue Cliff College Gladiators03:09.5
90Orange DragonGators02:49.3
93PALS on Deck02:51.7
94Team Crush02:56.0
95Team Pepsi 202:57.0
96Bosom Buddies03:00.0
97Hilton Grand Vacations03:03.0
98Health Central Flame03:11.3
99Lighthouse Sun Dragons04:33.5
100Team Pepsi02:51.704:44.0
101Magic Dragons05:39.0
Data and information used for these dragon boat rankings are collected from the USDBF, ERDBA, PDBA, SRDBA, and ADBA websites, plus regatta websites from around the United States